Month: November 2019

Kyle Wilson November 26, 2019

Sweet Fusion is a one-of-a-kind e-liquid by Dinner Lady. This vape juice has pleasant mixed fruit and chewy candy flavor. Sweet Fusion is the kind of e-liquid that will delight your sweet tooth. This e-juice will bring back childhood memories. Sweet Fusion is not sickeningly sweet. Sweet Fusion is a mouth-watering treat. This can be […]

Kyle Wilson November 7, 2019

Let’s admit it, cannabis can help to relax your mind and body. If you are wondering where cannabis gets its scent, which sometimes resembles sweet pineapples or something skunky, then you should thank terpenes. Wait… terpenes? What are these in the first place? Here’s what I learned. Terpenes are compounds that are secreted by the […]