Kyle Wilson March 24, 2021

Children and pets have something in common; they will keep you stressed if they are unwell. As funny as that seems, your furry friend is your kid. A newborn baby will show signs of discomfort by crying. A dog will also show you signs of its discomfort.

Have you ever returned home to find torn pillows, socks, and clothes all over the floor? That’s a silent yet very visible cry. Most dogs would even settle for whines that are sure to pierce your very soul till you show adequate affection and care as they require.

Penelope’s Bloom, a company located in Chatsworth, California, makes some top-quality CBD products for pets.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the company’s CBD Dog treats. This all-natural CBD dog treat is made of full-spectrum CBD oil and other natural ingredients. It is specifically formulated to heal stress and anxiety in dogs. Stress and anxiety can arise as a result of things like thunderstorms, fireworks, and a drive to the vet. Stress tends to give rise to intestinal distress. This is due to the brain-gut connection. This means that if your dog wouldn’t even eat it’s favourite food when it is feeling stressed. Several researches have shown that digestion and stress management are very much interwoven and this applies to both humans and animals.

CBD Dog Treat for Anxiety and Stress by Penelope’s Bloom is made with different ingredients. One of them is L- theanine which helps to stimulate the brain waves of your pet and aid quick relaxation. 

Every single treat contains 10mg of CBD. It is tested by a third-party lab to guarantee its safety, potency, and effectiveness.

The full list of ingredients in this product include; organic chamomile powder, organic passionflower powder, L- Tryptophan, L- theanine thiamine ginger root extract, full-spectrum cannabidiol, organic blueberry,  organic spinach, organic sweet potatoes, organic brown rice flour, organic oats, organic flaxseeds, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic cinnamon and organic molasses. 

CBD dog treat collection is available in a pack of 30 treats. Depending on the body weight of your furry friend, there are different treat servings to provide the right dosage. 

This serving guide below shows which amount of this treat to give your dog depending on its size;

  • Up to 25lbs – 0.5 treat
  • 26 to 50lbs – 1 treat
  • 51 to 75lbs – 1.5 treats
  • 76 to 100lbs – 2 treats
  • Over 100lbs – 3 treats

You can get a pack of this CBD Dog Treat for Anxiety and Stress from the Penelope’s Bloom online store at an affordable price of $34.99.

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