Kyle Wilson August 16, 2018


The flavour profile of Payday says that it is a candy store concoction that infuses each puff with notes of blended bourbon, combined with satisfyingly smooth hints of coconut, caramel, butterscotch, and just a kiss of cappuccino. The flavour from this mix is one of the most creative I have tasted to date, and truth be known, this old guy has tasted a few. Each element in this profile blends together perfectly to help make this product stay true to its trademark slogan; “Honestly, this is why you work all week.”

The main up-front flavour you will taste on inhale leans toward banana pudding with cream and just a slight hint of bourbon and cappuccino. On exhale, the bourbon and coconut shine through giving an almost amaretto-like feel. None of these are so overpowering that you would get tired of this flavour in just a few hits. Truth be told, my first day with Payday by Broke Dick was just that, an entire  day with Payday.


A quite subtle and minimalistic type of branding is what you will find on this and all of Broke Dick’s cheap e-juice products. The container is a basic 120ml gorilla bottle that boasts a simple stick-on label for the trademark and brand. On this label there is a cartoon character that very much resembles the Monopoly mayor wearing a t-shirt and shorts that clearly has empty pockets. The Broke Dick name is displayed prominently in large bold letters. This design is printed on just the right colour yellow background. A great looking label that makes one stop and want to find out more.

These 120ml bottles do not come with a drip or drop top ,yet the simple thing to do is find an extra one lying around lying around at home. This is a great idea by Broke Dick that saves a little money and definitely keeps some garbage out of the landfills. They do have these caps available for purchase if you wish for small money. While we’re speaking of saving money it should be pointed out that Payday , and all other Broke Dick e-juice is available in those 120ml bottle at a buy one get one price of just $23.00. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that!

Throat Hit

I myself go for the low-nicotine version of most e-juices out there. There are a few that I like to push the envelope with, but we won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet as to which ones. Payday at 3mg has only a very slight throat hit. I had no problem doing ten second lung hits with this one without it making me go get something to drink because it left my throat dry or scratchy.

Cloud Production

Payday is a 70/30 blend and it produce clods that are both dense and full-bodied. These clouds hang around for a bit and do no dissipate quickly as do so many other brands. The lingering smell of banana crème is very pleasant and will for sure have people asking you what it is that you have been vaping. Because this is a 70/30 mix, you will not be getting competition-grade clouds, yet they are more than ample to practice your tricks with.

Final Verdict

Payday by Broke Dick satisfied me in all aspects. There’s the impressive packaging, fantastic flavour, smooth throat hit, and great cloud production. This is a great value for the money and I will definitely be getting more of this, and very likely will be trying the other flavours in the near future. I without hesitation would recommend this to others.


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