Kyle Wilson January 11, 2020

The vaping industry has taken on mango as a favorite flavor. This is why different vape juice makers have come up with different mango ejuice blends. You will find all sorts of desserts, cocktail, and sweet juices that mango can create on the market.

The only rare thing you may notice perhaps is chili and mango combined into a mango vape juice. And this is where Atomic Dog Vapor has taken the game to a whole new level. Well, if you haven’t tried it out yet, it might be time you tried out a mango and chili smoothie. They make a great combination.

The feeling of creating something more tangible to the tongue might have been the inspiration that bore this ejuice. Contrary to what you may be thinking, the chili flavor is not overly sharp. It blends in a light spiciness, changing this tropical juice into something unforgettable. For those who love mango and chili, this is a paradise for you. And even if you don’t fancy such, a single try may quickly get you addicted. Chili mango juice is a real deal.

Flavor description

Imagine a pinch of chili floating over a mango smoothie. The color, the text, and everything else concerning the smoothie are magical. This is what this chili mango vape juice is all about. It makes you feel like you are telling a story.

The chili mango ejuice by Atomic Dog vapor very light on spiciness. Every inhale comes with the test of mango on your lips, and the exhale produces a hint of pepper, demonstrating a masterpiece. It has no sugar, yet the sweetness flows; naturally, of course. The ejuice tastes more or less like Lucas candy, giving you a similar spicy hot flavor.

The ejuice is delightful, one of those you will want to vape day in day out without feeling tired. It is the work of skillful craftsmanship, and that is what makes it so unique.

Nicotine level

Atomic Dog Vapor is one of the few brands one can say have the user in mind. Every component in their products is made from high-grade raw material. The nicotine in chili mango e-juice is no less. The ejuice comes in varying levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 24mg.

Atomic Dog Vapor has gone further to take care of throat irritation issues. Each nicotine level flows smoothly without any harsh throat hit. No wonder, the flavor has become a darling for many.

VG/PG level

As stated above, Atomic Dog Vapor does not disappoint in delivering high-grade blends. The chili mango ejuice comes with vegetable glycerin (VG) of 70 and propylene glycol (PG) of 30. This ratio gives it just the right thickness, not too thick.

You want to vape with a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping automizer (RDA)? No problem. Chili mango vape juice has a pretty remarkable vapor production, giving thick clouds in every puff. And the best part is, it will not darken your coils, giving you enough returns on your investment.


Atomic Dog Vapor has pretty straightforward, but excellent packaging. You can either get a 30ml or 124ml plastic bottle of chili mango, with a dripper tip. It is labeled with Atomic Dog Vapor logo and other info on the product.

Where to buy

Chili mango is easily accessible through the Atomic Dog Vapor official site. The 30ml bottle will cost you $8.99, and the 124ml is $13.99.

Atomic Dog Vapor is an online store from where you can get all vaping supplies. Are you looking for Eliquids, vaping devices, and accessories? This is the place to get the best. Apart from selling its own, ejuices, hardware, and accessories, the site also stocks for top vape brands.

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