Kyle Wilson July 11, 2021

Spearmint is a nicotine pouch offering a delicate blend of sweet and chilly menthol flavors. This nicotine pouch is produced by this NIIN Pouches brand. Spearmint is rich and has a lasting effect on the taste buds. NIIN is designed to be easy to use and offers a clean healthy way of consuming nicotine without the vapor or smoke associated with smoking and vaping. Spearmint is smoke-free, vapor-free, hands-free, odor-free, spit-free, and mess-free. Spearmint is designed to be used anywhere.

Spearmint is not the only flavor in the NIIN Pouches collection. This brand which is arguably the best in the business has a series of five impressive nicotine pouch flavors. Besides Spearmint, these other flavors are Wintergreen, Citrus Chill, Cool Mint, and Cinnamon. These five nicotine pouch flavors are made using top-notch ingredients including Cellulose, Salt, Sodium, Bicarbonate Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Acesulfame Potassium, and Sucralose.

NIIN Pouches which holds the record as being the first to introduce nicotine pouches to the US market does not use any parts of the tobacco plant in production. This company uses certified TFN synthetic nicotine in the production of all its nicotine pouch flavors. Synthetic nicotine is tasteless and odorless. This nicotine does gives you a stronger buzz and does not have the taste and smell associated with tobacco-based nicotine. Another reason why NIIN Pouches don’t use tobacco-based nicotine is because tobacco cultivation is destructive to the environment.

Zero tobacco Spearmint nicotine pouches are designed to be used orally. The TFN synthetic tobacco used in production is activated by saliva. You place a pouch of Spearmint between your inner lip and gum. NIIN Pouches recommend that you keep this pouch in your mouth for 10 to 30 minutes. You will feel a buzz when the nicotine starts entering your bloodstream.

Spearmint contains premium synthetic nicotine in different strength levels 3mg or 6mg. Spearmint is also available for sale in different package sizes including 10-can packs, 15-can packs, and 20-can packs. The prices of these value packs are different and range between $4.49 to $12.45.

Spearmint is available for sale at the NIIN Pouches online store. This store is designed to making the shopping experience easier and straight forward. You can also purchase other nicotine pouches from this brand from this shop. And this store also offers excellent customer service and great prices.

The NIIN Autoship program is designed to make customers save money when shopping. This program allows customers to save up to 15% per off on every purchase. And NIIN Pouches offer excellent customer service and you can reach out to the support team via

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