Kyle Wilson August 26, 2021

I switched to Shortfill e-liquids as soon as I found out that it offers such a huge selection of flavors and I can create my desired nicotine level. This has consistently helped me overcome my nicotine addiction.

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Vanilla Custard Shortfill (50ml) E-Liquid by Pud – £4.79

I love these smooth Vanilla Custard E-Liquid by Pud. It has this sweet dessert flavour to hit the spot for all you guys with a sweet tooth. It is a truly crafted blend of smooth, moreish dairy custard and Madagascan Vanilla for that awesome dessert flavour. This 60ml, 0mg Shortfill E-Liquid juice is recommended for Sub-Ohm vaping as it comes in a 70VG/30PG ratio.

This is one of the best shortfill e-liquid I ordered from Vape Green.

Wild Cherry Fino Lemon Frozen Blueberries Shortfill E-Liquid by wild Roots -£14.99

Another favourite Shortfill E-juice of mine is the Wild Cherry, Fino Lemon, and Frozen Blueberries. Its taste falls between a sweet cherry crush and tangy lemonade and is topped up with a layer of iced blueberries to bring the flavour to perfection.

You can tailor your vapour to your liking by adding a nicotine shot in the 10ml free space that comes with the 50ml Shortfill bottle. The 70:30 VG/PG ratio makes it suitable for Sub-Ohm vapes.

Apricot Sorbet Shortfill E-Liquid by Just Jam 100ml – £14.99

The Apricot Sorbet is a delicious juice from Just Jam. It has this sweet start and ends with a chilly aftertaste (very mild menthol). It has to be on everyone’s favourite list; how could it not.

The 70/30 VG: PG ratio suits Sub-Ohm vape kits with a high power output that can vaporize the thick VG. In addition, when you purchase it from Vape Green, you earn 15 points convertible into a voucher for any future purchase.

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Sweet Peach Soda Shortfill E-Liquid by Fruitia – £14.99 50ml

Nothing tastes half as good as Sweet Peach Soda in the morning. Coffee be damned. This absolutely sweet, crisp, sparkling soda mixed with sweet peach flavours hits your taste buds with a refreshing summer breeze any time you draw a puff.

The product offers Southern hospitality delivered in a 50ml 0 mg short fill with additional space for an 18mg nicotine shot. Its 70% VG mix is ideal for Sub-Ohm tanks to produce massive clouds and vapour.

How to Choose the Best E-Liquid for Clouds

The E-juice you select will determine the amount of vapour released and hence the size of clouds produced.

Whether using a Sub-Ohm tank or a CE5, the mix of VG to PG will determine the quantity of vapour produced. For Sub-Ohm vapes, you may want to choose an e-liquid with over 50% VG; ideally, a 50/50 PG/VG ratio is okay, but you may go even higher on the VG to get even bigger clouds.  Higher PG ratios are unsuitable for producing thick vapour and can be very harsh on your throat.

Further, the strength of the E-Liquid is a crucial factor when using lower resistances. When I use a tank with a 1.6ohm coil, I go for 1.8% e-juice strength, and when I use the OBS Engine S Tank or any other Sub-Ohm tank, I go for 0.6 %. That’s a huge gap in strength. In summary, the more vapour you produce, the more nicotine you draw; therefore, you should tweak your nicotine strength to compensate.  And this is the reason some e-juices come in 0.3% nicotine.

Important tip:

When cloud Chasing, you can try out a higher VG E-LIQUID and see if it is worth the salt. Vape Green offers many flavours with a high VG ratio that you can try out to make your vaping experience truly awesome. Be the cloud-chaser that you want to be, but always vape the flavours that truly satisfy you. Choose Shortfill Eliquids from Vape Green.

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