Rose November 21, 2023

SMOK Labs has once again raised the bar with their latest creation – the SMOK Spaceman 10k PRO disposable vape. This revolutionary device combines cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and a range of incredible flavors to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience. 

Although the device was released recently, it has gained traction in the vaping scene thanks to its incredible design, unmatched performance, and delicious flavors it offers. This piece looks at the top features you can expect from this Spaceman vape. Let’s begin…

About SMOK Labs

SMOK Labs has been at the forefront of the vaping industry for years, utilizing technology and vape experts to create phenomenal products that resonate with the needs of vapers across the globe. With a reputation for excellence, it’s no surprise that the SMOK Spaceman 10k PRO lives up to the brand’s legacy.

SMOK Labs has a rich history of producing iconic vape products that have revolutionized the industry. From their groundbreaking sub-ohm tanks to their innovative pod systems, SMOK has consistently introduced game-changing devices that have redefined the vaping experience. The Spaceman 10k PRO is another testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation and excellence.

SMOK Spaceman 10k PRO Features

The SMOK Spaceman 10k PRO comes packed with multiple features that make it a standout device. With a generous 16ml vape juice capacity infused with 50mg of nicotine, this vape ensures long-lasting satisfaction. The nicotine potency is enough to satisfy the needs of amateur and experienced vapers alike without irritating the throat. Each puff delivers a wave of relaxation that lasts for hours.

The smart display window allows users to easily monitor their battery and vape juice levels, ensuring they never run out at an inconvenient time. This thoughtful addition eliminates unpleasant surprises and dry hits. The Spaceman 10k PRO is equipped with a mesh coil, which provides a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. Compared to regular coils, mesh coils have a larger heating surface area, allowing for uniform heat distribution, better flavor, and thicker clouds. 

The 800mAh rechargeable battery offers extended usage time, eliminating the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, the device features antileak technology, ensuring that your vape juice stays where it belongs – in the tank. All of these features come together in a stylish and ergonomic design that is both comfortable to hold and visually appealing.

10 Incredible Flavors to Choose From

One thing that sets the SMOK Spaceman 10k PRO above the competition is the incredible range of flavors it comes in. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something more refreshing, there is a flavor to suit every preference. The ten flavors include black mint, mixed berries, root beer, watermelon ice, Alphonso mango, banana cake, blue haze, dragon mango lemonade, juicy rainbow ice, and white grape ice. A team of expert mixologists carefully crafts each flavor to deliver a delicious and satisfying vaping experience.

Where to purchase the Spaceman 10k PRO – Vape Royalty

If you’re ready to unleash the power of the SMOK Spaceman 10k PRO, look no further than Vape Royalty. As a trusted retailer of high-quality vape products, Vape Royalty offers a comprehensive range of options to suit every vaper’s needs. With their fast and reliable shipping, you can have your very own Spaceman 10k PRO delivered right to your doorstep in no time.

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