Michael Scott August 2, 2022

One of the most important things to pay attention to when shopping for your vaping cartridge is its battery. It is essential because it determines how long you can use the cartridge. Regarding this, you will enjoy using your cartridge for an extended duration if the battery is high quality. Conversely, if the battery is of poor quality, you will use your cartridges for a short time.

Let’s look for the best cartridges based on quality and durability. The Medusa XL battery is rechargeable and lasts longer than other batteries.

To understand more about the XL battery for Medusa cartridges, continue reading this review.

How Long Do XL Batteries for Medusa Cartridges Hold Charge?

The answer to the question above depends on how frequently you use the cartridges. Remember that you must power the cartridge when using it, which means you will be draining the battery. So, if you use it too frequently, your battery will last very soon, and vice versa holds.

The battery can last for several hours. However, the time significantly reduces as the battery ages. Grab a Medusa XL battery from the Medusa D8 online store today for $14.99. What’s interesting is that the battery is compatible with other 510 cartridges.

How Do You Charge Your Medusa XL Battery?

There is a USB port to charge your battery. You can charge it by connecting the device to a USB charger. To avoid damaging your device battery, check the voltage requirement for the battery and match it with the most appropriate charger.

Does Medusa XL Battery Wear Out?

The straightforward answer is yes! Your XL battery for Medusa Cart will die over time, just like other batteries. However, the rate at which they die out is relatively slower, which means you will save more money with them than when using different batteries.

Things such as damages and improper use all contribute to the battery’s life span. Similarly, batteries that are overused will not last long. Fortunately, you can always replace your Medusa cartridge battery and continue using the cartridge.

How Can You Prolong Your Medusa Battery’s Lifespan?

There are several things you can avoid to prolong the lifespan of your XL Medusa battery, including

  • Avoid misuse
  • Avoid overcharging
  • Use the right charger
  • Switch off when not in use, etc.

Wrapping Up

Medusa XL batteries are easy to use and come very safe. Although they will eventually lose capacity, they will serve you better and longer than their top rivals. Grab yours today.

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