Rose December 22, 2022

Naked 100 has effortlessly taken the vape industry to the next level through the creation of amazing vape juices. This brand constantly champions for the rights of vapers to access high-quality juices made in the most relatable forms. For this reason, it has attracted very many smokers who identify with their products. Naked 100 is an impeccable vape juice brand that has graced the industry since its inception and has never produced substandard juices. Even with other vape juice brands sprouting, consumers have continued to choose this brand over and over again. Naked 100 is consumer-friendly and customer-oriented creating juices that satisfy the customer’s requests all through the years.

Fusion vape juice bundle is a sensation for all candy lovers since it gives a natural taste of candy in different flavors. For all your sweet tooth cravings, you should consider this fusion bundle. fusion pick bundle is packed in 60ml bottles, and you have a chance to choose three of them, adding up to 180ml. This bundle guarantees you maximum satisfaction at a very affordable rate. The bundle features the best naked vape juice flavors that will keep you coming back for more. 

The fusion pick bundle offers you the freedom to choose your nicotine level for each bottle you purchase. The choice ranges from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. if you are a heavy smoker, 12mg could be your preferred inclusion, while 3mg is perfect for low-nicotine consumers. Non-nicotine consumers also have their interests well taken care of by having theb0mg option. If you enjoy vaping, but you do not fancy nicotine inclusion in your device, this fusion pick bundle has all your interests well sorted. All your sweet tooth cravings are guaranteed to be quenched by this vape juice fusion pick 3 bundle.


Straw lime

If you need a flavor that perfectly strikes a balance between sweet and savory, this fusion pick bundle is your ultimate choice. It combines strawberry and lime flavors with a dominant taste of candies. Vapers looking for a candy taste that sorts your sweet tooth cravings while quenching your nicotine strength will find a home in this fusion pick bundle.


This is a unique taste that creates nostalgia by perfectly mimicking the taste of lemon and lime candy. With every puff, the sour lemon feel travels down your throat, and with every exhale a candy feel is released. The savory taste of lemon adds a twist of feel to the flavor, a unique taste in the fusion pick 3 bundle.   

Strawberry fusion

Cravings are unavoidable, and sorting them gives you immense fulfillment. Strawberry fusion is a taste that sorts your strawberry bubblegum cravings and leaves you feeling like you had it. It comes out as a childhood memory in terms of the taste and could easily get your mouth drooling for more. This taste has the most incredible feel for all vapers.


As a first-time or accustomed vaper seeking to add this fusion pick 3 bundle to your collection, you can be sure to add taste and excitement to all your vaping sessions.

Where to purchase the fusion 3 bundle 

You can purchase the fusion 3 bundle from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $39.99. 

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